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Energy saving G24 LED Replacement Bulbs

The G24 LED Lamps available here at LightRabbit are a great replacement for G24 CFL lamps and will allow for substantial savings in domestic energy bills, thanks to the super efficient properties delivered by the latest LED technology.

Compact florescent lamps (CFLs) were once hailed as the energy-saving future of home lighting. While they outshine traditional incandescent bulbs, both in terms of energy efficiency and longevity, they don’t hold a candle to the modern G24 LED replacement bulbs. These G24 LED bulbs are specifically designed to fit your existing light fixtures, producing the same light levels you’re used to while using up to 90% less energy at roughly 30% of the cost of traditional incandescent lightbulbs.

The old compact fluorescent lamps take their brightness from the fact that they contain mercury. The mercury in the bulb emits ultraviolet light when you pass a current through it, which is converted into visible white light when it hits the fluorescent coating on the bulb. This is much more efficient than the traditional incandescent bulbs, but comes with a pretty important caveat – unfortunately, mercury is a highly toxic element which is hazardous to human health. This means that they’re much more complicated to dispose of than your standard incandescent bulb, making them a poor long-term solution to the problems of inefficient home of office lighting.

Energy efficient G24 LED Lamps

Modern G24 LED bulbs take the same energy efficiency that that the inventors of the CFL had in mind, and draw it from a much more convenient technology. Rather than relying on toxic chemicals, G24 LED replacement bulbs rely on semiconductors which convert electricity straight into light, cutting out the middle man. What this means in practical terms is that while CFL may be 20-30% more efficient than a traditional incandescent bulb, modern G24 LED lamps run up to 90% more efficient, saving you a huge amount of money over time. Because they don’t waste most of their energy in the form of heat, they last up to 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb, too.

The G24 in our G24 LED lamps simply refers to the four pin socket system that these lamps use. These sockets were designed for buildings and rooms where energy efficient lighting was required, meaning that you couldn’t fit an old incandescent bulb. Since these G24 LED replacement bulbs are some of the most energy efficient lighting on the market, it makes sense that they take the G24 socket. As a result, they fit seamlessly into your existing sockets. This means that your new G24 LED bulbs are not only the most energy efficient way to light your home or office, they’re also the most convenient, too.

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