AR111 LED Bulbs

Energy Efficient AR111 LED Dimmable Lamps

AR111 LED bulbs are the ideal replacement for old and inefficient halogen lighting. Whether you’re looking for spot or general lighting for your business, these retrofit lamps are designed to save you time, effort and money. For more product information see here.

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Halogen lamps are well known for the fact that they run extremely hot. This is because they run on the same principle as the traditional incandescent bulbs, but to a much higher degree. These bulbs produce light through electrical resistance causing the filament in the bulb to glow with heat. With 90% of this energy usage being wasted as heat, these old halogen lamps are not only extremely inefficient, they’re incredibly expensive to run.

Our modern AR111 LED bulbs are designed to replace these old halogen lamps, offering a lighting solution where 90% of the energy usage goes towards producing light. With such high levels of efficiency, and such low levels of wastage, these AR111 LED spotlights are perfect for businesses and hospitals looking to keep the lights. Not only are these LED lights up to 90% cheaper to run, but they can be left on constantly without affecting the temperature of the local area. Whether you’re working in surgery, lighting up a deli counter or working with any other heat-sensitive materials, AR111 LED dimmable lamps are the way forward.

Save Money With AR111 LED Spotlight Bulbs

Our range of AR111 LED spotlight bulbs are capable of generating a huge amount of light for an incredibly small amount of energy. You can effectively replace your 100W halogen lamps with these 12W AR111 LED bulbs, producing warm or cool tones depending on your exact requirements. These high performance AR111 LED dimmable bulbs can even be adjusted to suit the exact light levels you’re looking for – something that’s impossible with a standard halogen lamp and their lengthy warm up and cool down periods.

Replacing your old halogen lamps has never been easier, too. These energy efficient AR111 LED spotlight bulbs will fit all of your existing fixtures, allowing you to simply plug them in and turn them on so that you can start making savings from Day One! Since these modern LED lights don’t rely on heat to make light, they go through less wear and tear, lasting much longer too. In fact, these AR111 LED spotlights last 25 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb, running for more than 30,000 operational hours over its lifetime. With less energy usage, less replacements and much higher versatility, these AR111 LED dimmable lights pay for themselves in just a few months, lasting for years to come.

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