What is The Difference Between Cool and Warm White LED Bulbs?

The Difference Between Cool and Warm White LED Bulbs

Having perused a few of the bulbs and other LED related goods which we are proud to be able to offer up here at Lightrabbit, you will no doubt have noticed that you are presented with plenty of choice. Even picking a specific item isn't quite as straightforward as you might have thought at first glance as the vast majority of our bulbs come in two different styles; cool white and warm white.

But what exactly is the difference between the two and in what circumstances would one of these options be preferable to another?

Well, to begin with, a good way of getting your head around these two colour schemes is to picture them as light temperatures. The option commonly referred to as “warm white” will have a more notably golden glow, much in the same way that Magnolia paint will help a room or space create a warmer environment that standard white paint. However, at the same time, “cool white” bulbs will create a seemingly brighter, crisper look in any space.

The big question is, which scenarios would better suit a warm white bulb and in which would a cool white bulb be preferable?

Call for advice

Obviously, there is no substitute for personal preference and essentially, whether you desire a cool white finish to a room or a warm white finish, all we can do is provide you plenty of choice in terms of the bulbs themselves. However, there are a few helpful guidelines which you could perhaps do with considering before taking that trip to the virtual checkout.


Warm White and Where to use it.

Whilst there are of course no rules where LED bulbs are concerned, it cannot be denied that warm white LED lamps work best in rooms and spaces such as bedrooms & lounges. Essentially, anywhere where softer, more polite light would be beneficial, it is in spaces such as these that warm light LED bulbs would be ideal. The reason for this is our eyes are used to softer lights and particularly in more relaxed, less formal environments, a softer or indeed a “warmer” white would be beneficial.

Cool White and Where to use it.

Again, there are no rules as far as the task of picking the right LED bulbs for the right scenarios and situations is concerned, but there are certainly some situations and scenarios in which cool white bubls would perhaps be preferable to warm light. Usually, cool white bulbs are much brighter than their warm counterparts and this means that they are a great addition to offices, bathrooms and other areas in which natural light is lacking. Traditionally speaking, many offices have over compensated and have used flourescant bulbs in order to create a light, bright environment. However, these bulbs have a tendency to create an unnatural level of light and as a result can cause headaches and discomfort. Cool white LED light bulbs are closest to natural light and as such, should you be looking to provide a space with a more realistic take on lighting, a cool white LED choice might be ideal.


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