Buyer Beware: Buying Bulk GU10 LED Bulbs from eBay, Amazon and Alibaba

Beware when buying LED from eBay, Amazon or AlibabaThe cost is so low, because the quality is too

Buying in bulk from websites like eBay and Alibaba and even Amazon can often enable you to save money because you’re buying a large volume of product often from an an overseas supplier... However, this is not always the safest or smartest route to take with any entrepreneurial or long term, businesses or monetary minded venture, especially when it comes to buying LED light bulbs online...

It’s probably no secret that the market has become flooded with low cost LED light bulbs in recent months. What you probably do not know, unless you have bought them before, is that the cost is so low, because the quality is too. And, what good is making a big saving on a product when it does not live up to your expectations and has to be replaced a short while later?

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Our Commitment to Quality LEDs

When you purchase LED light bulbs, like GU10 LED dimmable, from LightRabbit® you are also buying into our commitment to quality. That means if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you are covered by our Returns policy. But at LightRabbit we work hard to ensure that the chances of that happening are minimised, because all of our LED light bulbs are backed by a warranty. We also extend a 90 day “money back” period on all orders, where you can get your money, no questions asked.

At LightRabbit®, we also make ourselves available to you, six days a week, to assist you with queries, tracking your order, or to give advice and insight into the most appropriate LED replacement solutions for your needs. We have a dedicated customer support line available to handle your queries quickly and efficiently and calls to our number are free of charge.

LED light bulbs purchased from LightRabbit are all manufactured to help our customers save 90% of their energy consumption. Our customers don’t have to do background checks and feel concerned about receiving their orders, because we ensure that our products are reviewed by other customers- and our reviews speak for themselves. Now can you say this for those cheap, wholesale imitation LE light bulbs sold on Amazon, or eBay or Alibaba?

Our customers can also look forward to the best pricing on the market because at LightRabbit we make sure that all prices are checked daily, so that additional savings can be passed onto all our customers daily.
At LightRabbit we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers do not take on any risk.

To find out more, and save yourself having to review multiple traders on platforms like Alibaba, eBay and Amazon, get over to the LightRabbit Trade and Wholesale Section and start saving on your power consumption today.

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