Benefits of LED Lighting

When it comes to lighting homes and businesses, more and more people are turning to the newest and most innovative lighting technology on the market – the LED light bulb and light fixture. LED is an abbreviation for, Light Emitting Diode, a compact semiconductor that gives off bright, cool light when electrified. Consumers are ‘switched on’ by this cost effective, energy efficient, bright and versatile lighting option, and there are good reasons for that.

The benefits of using LED lighting include:

Energy Efficiency – When using a traditional filament light bulb, only 20% of the energy consumed by the bulb is actually used to produce light; the other 80% produces heat. The energy efficient LED light bulb is designed to consume less energy, but 80 to 90% of the energy consumed produces light, and the remaining 10 to 20% of energy produces heat, which makes LEDs cooler to the touch than incandescent light bulbs.

Cost Effective – Because LED light bulbs are energy efficient, they are cost effective. Since they produce the same amount of light while using less energy, you can reduce your energy bills by almost £1000 per year – especially if you replace every bulb in your home or office with LED bulbs.

Low Maintenance – The energy efficiency and heat sink design of the LED bulbs provides the bulb with a typical lifespan of more than 50,000. The traditional light bulb will only last about 1000 hours and will need to be replaced. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, the LED bulb won’t need to be replaced for up to 10 years. Also, some of the LED bulbs available through LightRabbit are rated for use outdoors in bad weather and even underwater.

Safe Lighting Option – Part of the innovative design of the LED bulb is the non-toxic materials used in the manufacturing; no toxins, heavy metals, of chemicals that can create a hazard when broken. Also, because the LED is energy efficient, it is cool to the touch which makes it ideal for use in children’s bedrooms or in small areas where traditional incandescent bulbs would create uncomfortable heat.

Eco-Friendly – When you install and use LED bulbs in your home, the energy efficient bulb will consume less energy which means that less energy will need to be produced in order to light your home. A reduction in energy production means less carbon emissions clouding the air and a better future for the environment.

Customizable Colours – Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, the LED bulb is available in many different colours, including: Warm White, Cool White, yellow, green, blue, amber, orange, and red.

The many benefits of buying and using LED bulbs are incredible, and when you consider that LightRabbit offers high quality LEDs at incredibly low prices, the benefits look even better.

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