6 Bathroom Downlighting Ideas for A Sexier Bathroom

LED Bathroom Downlights

Bathroom downlights
have been trendy for a while and are becoming even more fashionable as time goes on. The reason for that is bathroom lighting needs to be functional first and foremost, and most bathrooms have very little natural light.

Using bathroom downlights enables you to concentrate light in certain areas, while adding to the overall ambience of the room. Bare bulbs are ugly and contemporary bathrooms often do not have the scope for light fittings, making LED bulbs a sophisticated and seamless way of illuminating bathrooms. If you have been thinking of giving the lighting on your bathroom a rethink, here are some fashionable UK LED lighting ideas to consider.

1. Use LED Lighting on the Ceiling

LED Bathroom Lighting

UK LED ceiling lights give you a healthy splash of ambient light. To ensure safety is a priority all bathroom lights should be well covered so no water can get in. Similarly, light switches should also be kept well away from the bath and shower.

2. Use Downlighting To Draw Attention To Certain Areas

LED Bathroom Lighting idea

Bathroom downlights make use of lower wattage bulbs but incorporate more of them. It is discreet, fashionable and affordable and what’s more, there are specially designed down lights available for the bath and shower area, which are reinforced to resist condensation. Downlights can be especially effective when used to illuminate the back wall of a shower and make it look more dramatic.

3. Use LED Lighting For Bathroom Décor

LED Bathroom Lighting

Wall lights can be combined with ceiling or downlights from LightRabbit to add variety and character. Wall lights can also make the wall look good, which is especially useful in bathrooms with a minimalist décor scheme. Wall lights are effective in alcoves, above the bath or on either side of a mirror.

4. Put an LED Spotlight On It

LED Bathroom Lighting

Spotlights are effective for task and accent lighting. They are used most commonly over mirrors to improve accuracy with shaving and make up application.

5. Consider Using Dimmer Switches

LED Bathroom Lighting

Getting the right combination of bathroom lighting can get a little tricky so sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error before you get it right. To make things easier for yourself, consider using dimmable bulbs so you can adjust the light levels to suit your needs.

6. Reflect Light

LED Bathroom Lighting

If your bathroom is one of those with absolutely no natural light consider having a skylight installed or reflect LED bulbs in mirrors and glass surfaces to amplify the amount of light in the room.

These 6 simple and easy to implement lighting ideas will completely transform your bathroom spaces into a sensual or relaxing oasis. You can learn more about the bathroom LED downlights available at LightRabbit, or giving us a call on 0203 327 2931

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