Spend Now, Save Later: An Enlightening Look at The B22

An enlightening look at the B22

Historians say that the advent of fire was one of humankind’s most significant “discoveries”, followed very closely by the invention of electricity. Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb changed the way the world operated, at home and at work. But the change has been perfected now through the creation of LED lighting.

You see, while incandescent bulbs may have been great for the time they were introduced in, they actually gave off more heat than they did light. Fluorescent halogen lights did make light bulbs a little more energy efficient, but nowhere near as efficient as modern day LED bulbs.

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The B22 Light Bulb is one example of how easily LED bulbs can be incorporated into your home, a very good replacement for the classic 40W and 60W bulbs used around the home. What makes this LED lighting better than any other traditional light bulb is its longevity- it lasts around 25 times longer than a traditional bulb.

B22 LED light bulbs for the kitchen

B22 LED light bulbs for side lightsB22 LED light bulbs for floor lamps

If you have an office space that you need to illuminate on a budget, investing in LED lighting will see your light bulbs last ten times longer than fluorescent bulbs, and they will emit the same amount of light.

The B22 is also better than a typical bulb as it only emits a little heat, making it safe to have around the house, and these bulbs hardly ever break.

The only obstacle standing between you having your entire home lighting system replaced with bulbs from LightRabbit right now is probably the price tag. Yes, a UK LED bulb appears to be more expensive than conventional light bulbs at first, but that is because they last longer and won’t need to be replaced as often. Where you will make the investment back however, is on your utilities bill, so you may just want to change your mind about having all your bulbs replaced at once. And, obviously the more energy efficient bulbs you have, the bigger the difference it will make to your power bill.

B22 LED Bulbs

On the plus side, the prices of UK LED bulbs are expected to come down as the technology improves and more competitors enter the market, so that initial B22 investment is likely to be easier to maintain as time goes on.

Speaking of time moving on, it will also probably interest you to know that LEDs can be controlled with much more than a light switch. Being “chip on board” products they can also be controlled through smart phones, and have the potential to make your life even easier.

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