Add Splashes of Colour with LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

If you want to introduce a bit of colour to your home or work space you need LED Strip Lights to add the “wow” factor. Slim and flexible, these ingenious little strips enable you to illuminate even the narrowest surface areas and bring in shades of Red, Green, Blue and multi-coloured lights.

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6 Creative Ways to Use LED Strip Lights

Frame your Bed with Strip Lights

Ceiling to Floor with Strip Lights

Mood Lighting in Clubs & Bars

Under Cabinet Strip Lights

Strip Lights on Staircases

Plinth Strip Lights


LightRabbit stocks two sizes of strip LED lighting: the SMD3528 and the SMD5050. The 3528 has 60 smaller chips per metre or 120 LED chips per 2.5 metre roll, while the 5050 has 60 larger LED chips per metre. The LED bulbs have been sealed into a waterproof resin and the strips have self-adhesive backing for quick and simple installation.

The SMD3528 uses 0.08 watts of electricity per chip while the SMD5050 uses 0.24 watts and is three times brighter.

UK LED Strip Lights provide bright light that is intense and evenly distributed. They light up straight away and you don’t have to wait for any flickering before the light comes on properly.

    • Replaces
    • 120W
    • Replaces
    • 200W
    • Replaces
    • 240W

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Where Can You Use Them?

Decorative lighting at night clubs

Strip Lights for Kitchen Mood Lighting    Garden LED Strip Lights   

These UK LED Strip Lights are ideal for Signs, to illuminate cupboards, provide Edge Lighting on steps or to light up a kitchen. Because this LED lighting is encased in waterproof resin it is suitable for outdoor use.

LED lighting has become popular additions to nightclub décor, because of their ability to outline and create illuminated visuals in different colours. They are also being used at Weddings and Birthday parties; along Bar tops, Cocktail tables and chairs. They can be used for signage, to indicate where the restrooms, bar or exits are.

For those who enjoy DIY

Cut and Stick LED Strip Lights

Getting creative couldn't be easier with LED colour around the home. These strips can be cut once without the need for you to make new connections. They can be cut in 5 or 10 cm spaces and you will be able to see the cut marks, so you will not need to hire a professional. All you actually need is a pair of scissors.

Because the circuit is closed at each cutting point the UK LED strip will to continue to work after you have cut it. This makes using strip lights a fun and versatile way to introduce light and colour into your world.

You can also use a Transformer for power, rather than a Power Supply. LightRabbit stocks Transformers and Power supplies.

Why not start getting creative? View our bestselling range of LED Strip Lights and give them a go in your home or workplace.

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