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Businesses and commercial spaces through the UK have a problem. They are doomed to trudge through their work day squinting their eyes and running up costly lighting bills. They are trying to work under the oppressive weight of dingy, yellow light or flickering fluorescent light that can literally cause headaches and eye strain. This is an epidemic that can be cured with a simple call to LightRabbit or by swapping your current light panels over to LED panel lights... Simply click the button below to start shopping and saving today.

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The Death to the Tube Light in Commercial Buildings

When tube lights were first installed in many of UKs commercial buildings they were hailed as the best and brightest lighting option of the decade. Unfortunately, many of the tube lights in commercial buildings were faulty, shattered easily, dimmed and died quickly, and offered very poor interior light for workers.

Not only were the tube lights poor performers, they were also costly. Traditional halogen bulbs consume energy but only use about 20% of the energy they consume to produce light. Where does that other 80% go? The remaining 80% of energy consumed is emitted as heat, so not only is the lighting poor, the bulbs themselves are hot to the touch.

Fortunately, LED lighting panels have come along to provide commercial businesses another, better lighting option.


Buy LED & Increase Productivity while Decreasing Lighting Costs

Workers who toil away under poor lighting aren’t productive workers. Yes, they try to do their jobs to the best of their ability, but the truth of the matter is that yellow light actually makes things harder to see, and it creates a sullen and often times sulky mood. When you install LED lighting panels, it doesn’t just brighten up the building it also brightens up your employees.

Increased productivity means a better ROI – the money you’re paying your employees is returned to you, and then some, because they are now better, more efficient workers. Not only is the ROI higher, the lighting costs are lower. LED bulbs consume less energy than halogen bulbs, but 80%, rather than the 20% of halogens, of the energy consumed is emitted as bright, white, crisp light. Because LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours, you replace them less which saves you money on replacement costs. Replacing your tube lighting with LED lighting panels will benefit your employees and your pocket book – you can see a 90% reduction on lighting costs over the year.

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When it comes to finding the highest quality, lowest priced LED lighting panels in the UK, you’d be hard pressed to find a better product than what LightRabbit offers. Our stock of LED lighting panels is filled to the brim with the best selection of bright, cost-effective, energy efficient lighting panels in the world. Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself. We offer each of our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

LightRabbit’s selection, customer service and unbeatable prices help make your LED lighting choices clear. Call us today to find out more or read about small and powerful LED Light Panels here. Alternatively click the button below to start shopping and saving.

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