LightRabbit has supplied contractors, DIYers, building owners, schools, government entities, hotels and hospitals with a wide selection of energy efficient lighting products. Thanks to our "ease of use" and our customer service this list is growing every day!

Who we are

Since its' launch on 30th August 2004, LightRabbit has provided the best residential and commercial lighting solutions to customers around the UK.

With over 14 years experience in the lighting industry, we provide high quality affordable lighting products and knowledgeable customer service to clients and projects of any size.

From design to installation, we offer turn-key solutions with our extensive line of products including fixtures for carparks, warehouses, offices, schools, hotels and hospitals to name a few.

Our Strengths

All our lights are British Designed and Engineered. LightRabbit service remains UK based, ensuring customer requirements and end user product experience is our highest priority.

LightRabbit works closely with its' manufacturers to offer the newest and best lighting products to individuals, businesses, and contractors. LightRabbit assist clients with current lighting systems, installing new lighting systems, or retrofitting new fixtures over outdated systems.

Our long-standing relationship with our lighting manufacturers allows us to provide quality products at competitive prices. With a variety of shipping options available, our products arrive on time to anywhere in the UK and overseas.

LightRabbit only sells LED lights that comply with IEC standards. All our products are tested and are designed to last and perform at the very highest standards. 

Our products work with: Our products work with

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