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When customers visit their favourite retail store, they are so busy shopping that they fail to see one of the most important pieces of the retail shopping experience – the lighting. Without proper lighting, customers would be as blind mice in a laboratory maze; wandering about, looking for a piece of cheese. Thankfully, not only do retail lighting fixtures provide light by which shoppers can see, it also highlights products on shelves, in displays, and on countertops in a flattering way.

The spotlights and directional lighting used in most retail spaces are typically high intensity AR111 LED lights. The AR111 is the ideal LED to use when retailers are keen to get their products noticed quickly. Not only to the AR111 LEDs come in three different colour temperatures (Cool White, Warm White, and Natural), but they are also dimmable – that means that shop owners can create an atmosphere or mood that will influence how their customers shop. AR111 LED bulbs easily replace the outdated halogen bulb, and they are much more energy efficient which means that you may pay more upfront to purchase the bulb, but your store overhead costs for power can be reduced by up to 90%. That is a lot of money saved.

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Find LED Lighting at LightRabbitFind LED Lighting at LightRabbit

The energy efficient AR111 is energy efficient because it is designed to consume less energy, but emit more light. Halogen bulbs will consume more energy, produce about 20% light and the remaining 80% dissipates into the air as useless heat. The AR111 LED produces 80% and only 20% of the energy consumed is lost into the air. This makes the AR111 cool to the touch, unlike the hot and hazardous halogen bulb.

The beam angle on the AR111 is set at 45º, which means it is ideal for use to spotlight a specific display or section of the store. With a typical lifespan of over 30,000 hours, shop owners will only have to think about changing this durable and high quality LED bulb once every 4 or 5 years. All in all, this LED is spot on and deserves to be spotlighted as the best way to spotlight your products.

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