6 Watt LED Transformer / Driver for 12 Volt LED Lights and Strip Lighting - Non Dimmable

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Product Information
  • RRP
    IP Rating
    Average Life
    >50,000 Hours
    Input Voltage
    AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
    LED Transformer 12v
  • Product Description

    Our 6 watt transformer is designed to power low (12v DC) voltage LED bulbs and Strip Lighting. It uses standard mains input voltage, and has a max load of 6watts. It is for indoor use only, if you require a waterproof product please select one that is IP65+ rated. Click here to learn about IP Ratings

    All LED bulbs require a constant amount of power to work correctly, and although sometimes a normal 12v transformer will work, in a significant amount of cases the lifespan of the bulb has been significantly reduced.

    At LED Supplies, customer satisfaction is our Number 1 priority, and we want you to have the best possible lighting experience. Which is why we recommend installing a transformer that has been tested with LED's to ensure you still get the tremendous lifespan that LED lighting can provide.


Additional Information
  • Additional Information

    Here at LightRabbit we offer dimmable and non dimmable lights please select the appropriate one for your needs.

    Although the lamps and bulbs on offer at LightRabbit do work with most dimmer switches; they might not work with all… If you need any advice on this please call our Customer Service team on the number above and they will be happy to give you advice and whether the LED bulbs you are suitable.

    If you are Not Sure if you need warm white or cool white? Check out our page on the difference between the two styles of lighting choice and see what would suit your needs best.

    If you are unsure if this is the correct bulb for you? Check out our Bulb Selector Page before purchasing. Please check your existing/new fittings to ensure these bulbs are suitable for your requirements as some are larger than standard Halogen Bulbs.

    All orders of LED Bulbs and Lamps at LightRabbit® have a market leading 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and we give all our customers a standard 2 YEAR WARRANTY (which can be extended to 5 years for free), on all LED Bulbs purchased from us. This gives you the opportunity to try our LED bulbs and provides you with the peace of mind in our guarantee of quality.


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6 Watt LED Transformer / Driver for 12 Volt LED Lights and Strip Lighting - Non Dimmable

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Is there a special mains connecting lead for the 12v led strip light transformer?

The LED strip lights have a DC12 connector plug on them that any of our mains Plug-in transformers have also. Thank you,

1 am interested in the lightwell lightbar (to be connected to the mains). Is the 6 Watt LED Transformer what I need to buy? Also what else do I need between the lightbar and the transformer?

Hello, This transofrmer can power any of our 12v LED's as long as they are not above 6 watts of power. You will need a lightbar male to male cable to connect this transformer to teh lighbars as teh transformer uses +/- connection terminals. Thank you

Hi, I'm looking to buy 6 of these to power 6x6W ceiling LED's individually; can you advice if these are constant current or constant voltage? Thanks

Hello, They are constant current and constant voltage so they will always output 12v DC. Thank you.

Hi I am looking to replace a 240v to 12v led adapter to run a string of led's which fit in the kick board in the kitchen, the spec on the old one reads 240v max 0.022A. 12VDC MAX5W. Could you supply one to replace it please.

This driver will power the lights fine as where it says 6w max it means the maximum LED's can draw so it is OK to use 5w.


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