5 Ways to Save On Your Industrial Lighting Bill

Switch yout T12's to T8 and save £££'s on your lighting billSwitching to LED can save you £££s on your lighting costsSwitching to LED can save you £££s on your lighting costsIndustrial plants consume significant amounts of power, much of which is generated from their lighting sources. LightRabbit.com offers a comprehensive selection of LED lamps which are suitable for industrial lighting applications, and which can help you to reduce your electricity consumption by up to 90%. As well as converting your lighting sources to LED, there are a few other changes you could make to reduce your power consumption considerably. LightRabbit.com has rounded up these top industrial lighting tips to help you save more while using less electricity.


Replace Your T-12 Lights with T8 LEDS

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Switch your T12's to T8 and save £££'s on your lighting billT-12 lighting tubes are old-fashioned lighting sources and, as such, consume a lot of electricity. LightRabbit.com carries 2ft, 4ft and 5ft replacement T8 LED tubes in 10W (replacement for 25w flourescent), 18W (replacement for 50w flourescent) and 22W (replacement for 75w flourescent), all with a superior light output and a 180° wide beam angle. All carry our five-year extended warranty and 90 day money-back guarantee, so it really does make sense to upgrade your lighting to LED.


Consider Automatic Lighting Controls

It is wasteful to have lights switched on in areas that are unoccupied. Employees should be taught to switch lights off when areas are not in use. Failing this, automatic light controls can be implemented to take care of this for you. It is estimated that automatic industrial lighting controls can conserve an additional 10% to 20% of your electricity consumption through lights.


Create Lighting Levels

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Each work area of an industrial plant should have a lighting level set for it. This is what is meant by “lumens”. By maintaining this light level, you will save on electricity. Our 10W, 18W and 22W T-8 LEDs have lumen outputs of 900, 1,600 and 2,000 lumens respectively.


Get Rid Of Traditional Lighting in Your Industrial Plant

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Mercury lamps, HID lighting, CFLs and incandescent lamps should be removed and replaced with energy efficient LED lamps. By doing this you could recoup 80 to 90% of your power.


Implement Energy Efficient Exit Signs

 Exit signs are vital for safety and need to run 24/7 so make sure you are running yours as cost-effectively as possible, making use of the latest in LED technology.


Need more lighting inspiration for your industrial plant? Visit LightRabbit.com and get the latest in industrial lighting technology and tips at the best prices on the market.

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