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5 Watt G9 LED Bulb - 36x SMD5050

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540 Lumens 50W Replacement YES Dimmable 5W Wattage 360° Beam Angle

Uses 90% less energy

Lasts up to 30 years

5 Years Warranty

£ 5.49

RRP £14.69 You save £9.2 (63%)

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Warm White is similar to conventional lighting and has a softer feel. - Perfect for areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Cool White is a brighter, whiter light. - More suited for the Bathroom and Kitchen

Cool White Dimmable £6.32

Warm White Dimmable £6.32

Warm White Non Dimmable £5.49

Cool White Non Dimmable £5.49

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Based on your bulb selction today:

SAVE £197.10 per year*

on your lighting bill

*Based on 8 hours use per day and 10 lights
  • RRP
    Light Colour
    Cool White / Warm White
    Average Life
    50,000 Hours
    Equivalent To
    Input Voltage
    CE / ROHS
    Beam angle
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  • Product Description


    This G9 bulb is made with high quality materials to ensure the best possible experience from replacing your existing halogens. It is made with 36 surface mount diodes (SMD) and without the limitation of an enclosure, also offers a massive 360° beam angle.

    It is also made with 5050 chips, one of the brightest chips currently used in LED manufacture ensuring maximum brightness and efficiency.

    Using only 5W, this bulb produces an astonishing 540 lumens. Its equivalent would be a 60W incandescent meaning great savings on your energy bill whilst also being environmentally friendly.

    This lamp has mains input voltage (240V AC), and therefore does not require an external transformer. It will fit straight into your existing G9 fittings, however please check your fittings dimensions as some LED G9's are significantly larger than their halogen counterparts. The dimensions for this bulb can be found under the 'Technical Specifications' tab.


    Ideal for: Desk lighting and accent lighting. Often used in desk lamps and under-cabinet lighting or centerpiece light fixtures.


    Lasting 50,000 hours compared to a halogen lamp which lasts just 2000 hours, these bulbs pay for themselves within 6 months of installation. Homeowners and businesses can now go years without the hassle of ever having to change a bulb.

    These LED lamps feature shock and vibration resistant technology, and as there is no filament to ever burn out or break-in they run considerably cooler than standard filament bulbs.

    These high output G9 replacement lamps are available in both Cool and Warm white colour spectrum's, available as dimmable as standard.

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5 Watt G9 LED Bulb - 36x SMD5050

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Questions & Answers for 5 Watt G9 LED Bulb - 36x SMD5050

Can you recommend a dimmer switch that is compatible with these lamps please.

Hello, We reccomend using the Varilight V-Pro range of dimmers from ourselves or from Varilight. Thank you,

What IP rating does it have? I need a G9 for a bathroom ceiling light

Hello, For bulbs like the G9 the fitting itself will need to be IP rated, as with an open socket they can not be IP rated. Thank you,

Hi, with regard to the G9 Bulb. Is the size list 31mm Length x 71 Diameter? Also does the 31mm include the pins?

Hello, This bulb is 71mm long including the pins and 31mm wide. Thank you.

What's the colour temperature of both your cool white and warm white bulbs?

Hello, The colour temperatures for this bulb are 2800k and 6000k. Thank you.

5.5W G9 Led 36xsmd5050 Please can you give dimensions as unreadable on you web page. I need it to fit diameter 17mm max Regards

Hello, These lights are measured 31*71mm in size. Thank you,

will a g9 be ok to use in the oven

Unfortunately due to the heat inside the oven we do not recommend using LED bulbs inside them. Thank you for your question.

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