3 Illuminating Ideas for Better Garage Lighting

Garage LED Lighting

Whether you use your garage as a storage room or as a workshop, it should be well illuminated if you want to find what you’re looking for fairly quickly. Garages are notoriously dark, as they generally are not built with lots of windows or access to natural light. LightRabbit carries an extensive range of indoor and outdoor LED lamps that will ensure you can keep your home and work spaces well lit, using significantly less electricity.

LED garage lightingLED Garage Lighting


Click here to find out more about our 18w Surface Mounted LED Ceiliing Lights1. Invest In a High-Powered Ceiling LED Lamps

The 18-Watt Frosted LED Surface Mounted Ceiling Light generates garage lighting of 1,390 lumens, making it an ideal replacement for a traditional 100W globe (GLS). And, with a 120-degree wide beam angle, you can look forward to even light dispersion and a high degree of accuracy when you work in your garage.

This design is especially innovative because it is surface mounted. No ceiling? No problem! All you have to do is attach it to a wall or under a cabinet and you will have focused light.


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2. Lightwell High Bay LED Lamps for Superior Garage Lighting

 Click here to see our range of LED High Bay lampsClick here to see our range of LED High Bay lampsClick here to view our range of high bay LED Lamps

Lightwell’s High Bay LED Lights are available in a variety of wattages from 60W to 300W, all of which use 90% less electricity than traditional light bulbs. These LED High Bays are ideal for big garages and workshops, or where you require the light to be hung at least 12 feet above the floor surface. Available in cool white, this high performance LED will ensure a high level of accuracy, whatever you are working on.

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3. Buy LED Spotlights For Focused Light

In addition to having a high performing overhead light for general lighting, spotlights are useful for creating focused streams of garage lighting for your work areas. Recessed or spotlights are also very useful for cupboards and cabinets, helping you find what you need, quickly and easily.

 Click here to see more of our GU10 XGen 7w

The XGen 7 Watt GU10 LED is the brightest LED lamp in its category. It has a 60-degree beam angle and delivers 565 lumens of light, using only 7W of electricity. Chip on Board (or COB) is one of the latest LED innovations, and offers higher performance when compared to SMD chip LEDs.

Get higher quality garage lighting, and save up to 90% on your electricity bill. Visit LightRabbit for the lowest prices and the highest quality.


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