12 Watt B22 Corn LED Bulb - 86x SMD 5050

12 Watt B22 Corn LED Bulb - 86x SMD 5050 5 3
  • Replaces
  • 120W
90% energy saving
30 year lifespan
5 Year Warranty

12 Watt B22 Corn LED Bulb - 86x SMD 5050

  • 120W Watt replacement
  • Wide Beam Angle
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1280 Lm 120W replace No Dimmable 12W 350°
Lux at ground level:  

    Ultra energy efficient replacement of standard lamps come in the form of these LED bulb 86 SMD 5050 12 watt bulbs that have a full 350-degree beam angle and a B22 base for retrofitting to existing light and lamp fittings no matter where they happen to be, whether they are in your home, office or indeed anywhere at all.

    This led bulb is amazingly efficient. Although it only draws 12 watts of electricity, it performs like a 120 Watt light bulb while at the same time operating below 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The end result is reduced cooling costs and operational safety above and beyond that of traditional incandescent bulbs.


    Ideal for: Direct replacement of traditional bulbs for commercial buildings, villas, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms and table lamps.


    They feature No mercury, No UV, infrared or other deleterious radiation and are therefore better for you and better for the environment, meaning less toxic waste and harmful materials put into the environment.

    Of course they are also hugely beneficial to the environment thanks to the fact that they can reduce your energy use by as much as 90% when it comes to lighting and this means less of a carbon footprint but also of course a real cash saving when it comes to your annual household bills, especially when you consider that household lighting accounts for as much as a quarter of your total energy bill.

    These bulbs allow you to benefit from great quality, bright and powerful light which is reliable and long lasting while using a fraction of the energy and without the need for constant replacements. They really are the obvious choice.



    1. Turn off the electricity before replacing light bulbs
    2. Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperature
    3. Not suitable for use with dimmers
    4. Internal use only
    5. If in any doubt about installing or using this product, consult an electrician.

  • Lumens
  • Light Colour
    Cool White / Warm White
  • Type
  • Base
  • Average Life
    50,000 Hours
  • Equivalent To
  • Input Voltage
  • CE / ROHS
  • Dimmable
  • Dimensions
  • Wattage
  • Beam angle
Unlike some replacement LEDs, this lamp has no perceivable flicker. The cool white is very close to daylight and gives a very acceptable colour rendition for the office. Warm white closely matches an incandescent lamp for general home use. So far, I must say that I am very impressed by their performance.
I have been disappointed with compact flurescent lamps, which are less bright than claimed, take time to get going and half last nowhere near as long as claimed. I have flat wall light fittings, so large bulb-shaped LED bulbs would not fit and do not light all directions. At last, someone has had the excellent idea of not trying to look like a bulb, but indtead sensibly arranging LEDs in an efficient new shape. I bought a couple to try and was so delighted that I have now bought them for most other fittings. The light of the 13W one matches or exceeds 100W incandescent bulbs and the warm white colour is suitable for living areas (offices would need natural or cool white). They come on immediately and, best of all, fit my frosted wall fittings perfectly. Thoroughly recommended. Now I just have to wait years to see if they last the claimed 50,000 hours...!

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90% energy saving
30 year lifespan
5 Year Warranty

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