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We are the UKs & Irelands No1 supplier of replacement LED lights Bulbs and LED Lamps. Browse the UKs best selling ranges of LED Light Bulbs right here... From GU10 LED Bulbs to MR16 LED Lamps as well as LED Spotlights and recessed Downlights, even LED Floodlights and LED Strip Lights are on sale and in-stock at Lightrabbit® today. Order before 3pm for Next Day, Free Delivery…

  • 60W
    *New* - 9 Watt Frosted LED Ceiling Light, 620 Lumens, 145mm Diameter

    *New* - 9 Watt Frosted LED Ceiling Light, 620 Lumens, 1...

    RRP: £30.49

    Our Price £24.99

    Save 18%

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  • 100W
    12W Indoor LED 2D Bulkhead Lamp - IP54 - Microwave Motion Sensor

    12W Indoor LED 2D Bulkhead Lamp - IP54 - Microwave Moti...

    RRP: £142.98

    Our Price £77.42

    Save 46%

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  • 200W
    Sky Tile™ 39 Watt Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light, 595 x 595mm

    Sky Tile™ 39 Watt Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light, 595 x 595mm

    RRP: £149.99

    Our Price £127.06

    Save 15%

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Here at LightRabbit® we stock an extensive range of LED Bulbs, LED Lamps and LED Dimmable Bulbs.
Available in a variety of different styles, volts and wattage's for various bulb fittings and lamp fixtures our LED bulb range is perfect for both commercial and domestic use. Check out our range or contact our customer service team for more info.

Long Lasting LED lighting is our speciality here at LightRabbit®, if you are looking to light up your world then we have just the best LED bulbs and LED Lighting you're looking for and at a price to suit you... Ordering LED lighting online here at LightRabbit® UK or IE is incredibly secure and easy.

Once you have gone through the checkout stages your order will be dispatched with Free* Nationwide Delivery included on us...

Do you realise the benefits of switching to energy saving LED light bulbs? We have a superbly priced selection of LED-Spotlights and LED-Downlights for you to choose from. All our energy saving LED light bulbs come in traditional and contemporary styles. We are specialists in providing quality LED lighting and with our great range of GU10-LED-bulbs and 12v MR16 LED bulbs... Here at Lightrabbit® you can find the best LED lighting solutions for your home or business; and by placing your order before 3pm - your new energy saving LED light bulbs could be on their way to you the very same day!

  • Look great in my dining room and also have them in the living room wall lights. I would recommend these as they are much much better than the old energy saving bulbs they replaced. Bright from when I flick the switch.

    Review by Nick S

    *New* - 5 Watt E14 Candle Shape Ultra Bright LED Bulb (50W Equivalent)

  • Works very well

    Review by Danny

    *New* - 18 Watt Frosted LED Ceiling Light, 1600 Lumens, 225mm Diameter

  • Really nice light from such a small lamp - will be buying more

    Review by Mick

    Lightwell Candle™ - 4 Watt Small Edison (E14) LED Bulb

  • best quality

    Review by Al

    G9 360°- 36x SMD 5050 LED Bulb 5.5 Watt, 540 Lumens

  • I have been disappointed with compact flurescent lamps, which are less bright than claimed, take time to get going and half last nowhere near as long as claimed. I have flat wall light fittings, so large bulb-shaped LED bulbs would not fit and do not light all directions. At last, someone has had the excellent idea of not trying to look like a bulb, but indtead sensibly arranging LEDs in an efficient new shape. I bought a couple to try and was so delighted that I have now bought them for most other fittings. The light of the 13W one matches or exceeds 100W incandescent bulbs and the warm white colour is suitable for living areas (offices would need natural or cool white). They come on immediately and, best of all, fit my frosted wall fittings perfectly. Thoroughly recommended. Now I just have to wait years to see if they last the claimed 50,000 hours...!

    Review by Kevin H

    12 Watt B22 LED Bulb - 86x SMD 5050 (120W Equivalent)

  • Bought these to replace old GU10 50 watt spots in my kitchen. What a difference they have made. Very bright and very wide angle leaving no shady areas. My kitchen has been transformed. Very quick (free) delivery to UK mainland with no breakages. Well done LightRabbit!

    Review by Peter

    60 SMD Glass Covered - 4.5 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

  • Unlike some replacement LEDs, this lamp has no perceivable flicker. The cool white is very close to daylight and gives a very acceptable colour rendition for the office. Warm white closely matches an incandescent lamp for general home use. So far, I must say that I am very impressed by their performance.

    Review by currentflow

    12 Watt B22 LED Bulb - 86x SMD 5050 (120W Equivalent)

  • Bought these lights to replace 50W halogen GU10 bulbs. My impression is that they are very slightly brighter than the halogen bulbs (60W equivalent rather than 50W). I selected the Warm white colour which is very close to the original halogens - maybe very slightly colder light but hardly noticable. I am just waiting for all the other halogen bulbs to burn out and I will be replacing them with these bulbs.

    Review by GraemeMRoss

    Lightwell COB™ - 5.5 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

  • I was worried these would not be bright enough but these have expected expectations - very bright and great replacement for halogens.

    Review by Steph

    9 Watt High Power Ultra-slim Downlight, 750 Lumens

  • I replaced my old energy saving bulbs with these - I love them. It took ages for the old bulbs to warm up. These are instant on and give bright light. Perfect for reading under.

    Review by Hen Smith

    *New* - 4 Watt E14 Candle Shape LED Bulb (40W Equivalent)

  • I bought 7 samples from different outlets to test. Myself and my brother are lighting professionals and tested these in my bathroom replacing 5x50w halogens. The 120 degree spread provides excellent uniformity with no pooling (which we had with the others). 240 lux around most of the bathroom, you can't go wrong. Also these are proper warm white unlike the others that were claiming to be.

    Review by Boz

    60 SMD Glass Covered - 4.5 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

  • I bought about 5 different LED GU10s for comparison. LED technology has moved on dramatically within only a year. This bulb is really bright and I can compare it to the Osram 50W halogens which I love in my lounge. These bulbs are only 420 lumens but much brighter than many other LED bulbs with same ratings. The warm white is not really as warm as my halogens, sort of greenish/yellow instead of orange (look for HALED technology if you need halogen warmth) so my search for the perfect LED/Halogen replacement carries on. However in terms of brightness, this is definitely a direct replacement to a 50W halogen, better than states on description( only 40W). COB technology on LEDs is great. Also at this price, everyone should buy some of these.

    Review by Yanni

    *New* - Spiral - 5 Watt GU10 COB LED Spotlight

  • After putting one of these bulbs on trial I took the plunge and replaced all 18 50W GU10 in my kitchen/ utility with these 6W COB bulbs. They are the nearest equivalent for output and colour I have found and after a houseful of people over christmas and a party at new year not a single person noticed the difference. Thats quite a recommendation as the light levels are the same. The only difference is that now I'm paying for just over 100 watts when they are all on instead of 900 watts. it doesn't take too long to get your money back and with the long life you should go on saving for years to come.

    Review by 1234kr

    Superior COB™ - 6 Watt GU10 COB LED Spotlight

  • Great price and the customers love them - will be installing lots of these I think.

    Review by SW Electrical

    *New* - Lightwell LUX™ - 4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

  • Used to light kitchen worktops. Stuck the LED strips under the wall units. The light is absolutely brilliant. I was surprised to find that the strips are wired at both ends, making it easier to use in two different locations.

    Review by Barry Jenkins

    LED Strip – 60 x 5050 SMD LED Chips Per Metre - Gel Waterproof – 2.5m Roll

  • A good bright bulb for the price - we have had better from Light Rabbit but we only wanted 35-40W. Very happy otherwise. Shipping V. Fast

    Review by To me, to you..

    *New* - Lightwell LUX™ - 4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

  • Do exactly what I wanted them too

    Review by Andy

    *New* - Lightwell LUX™ - 4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

  • These are brighter than I expected from 4W. The narrow beam focus probably makes them look brighter. They are really good quality build. The only complaint is as per all 3000K 'Warm' Leds,they are still not warm enough. WE need a 2700K bulb to keep my wife happy.

    Review by Larry Wilks

    *New* - Lightwell LUX™ - 4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

  • Delivery was very quick. I purchased 3 spotlights for use in bathroom to replace halogen. Total power reduced from 120 watts to under 12 watts with no decrease in light output.

    Review by Mario Kvarda

    *New* - Lightwell LUX™ - 4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

  • Used in office suspended ceiling. Look great and excellent quality

    Review by C Sawyer

    Sky Tile™ 39 Watt Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light, 595 x 595mm